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Toward a world appreciating all sustainabilities


We create a sustainable world by the power of data science.

We are living in an age of unpredictable, rapid changes. Capitalism has developed the world by pursuing "strength", economic efficiency. Meanwhile, created "distortions" such as climate change, pandemics, and wealth bias.

Nowadays, what we need is a "strong and gentle" world, combining economic efficiency, with environmental and social performance. To light up the "strong and gentle" companies with convincing solutions supported by data science.

And this is our mission as a group gathered by non-financial data experts.

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About Us

We continue to challenge
creating unseen value.

We are the only non-financial big data group specializing in ESG / SDGs in Japan with members from the field of Data Science × Sustainability × Financial Engineering. Our team consists of multinational experts who can compete in the world from Asia. View more about our CEO's message and our members.

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TERRAST および TERRAST for Enterprise


Non-financial big data platform to visualize ESG/SDGs

“TERRAST” is the largest non-financial data bank in Japan, utilizing AI and big data to visualize a company's ESG and SDG contribution. We provide "TERRAST" to promote higher quality ESG investment decisions and non-financial consulting by massively streamlining the collection, organization, analysis and comparison of non-financial information. "TERRAST for Enterprise", our ESG and SDG visualization tool, further promotes sustainability management decisions by illustrating a company’s current SDG standing in relation to other industry competitors.

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Main Achievement


Nikkei×Financial Services Agency







Tokyo Financial Award


SAP Japan

SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo


SMBC Group

Future X(mirai cross)2022


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Supernatural Vation Program


Ministry of the Environment

Good-Life Award
Environmental Regional Branding Award



Digital Accelerator


Founder and CEO

Renji Hirase

Serial entrepreneur in sustainability over 18 years. He has been involved in venture businesses in the sustainability field such as environment, agriculture, and welfare as an environmental engineer. Experienced buyouts of two companies in these areas. He is a Representative Director of Sustainability Data Standardization Consortium(SDSC)and a lecturer at Kyoto University’s ESG Research Group. He has written and lectured extensively on non-financial big data.

Non-Executive Director

Yasuyuki Kato

Visiting Professor at Kyoto University and Professor at Kyoto University of Advanced Science. He specializes in investment theory and financial engineering. After serving as Director of the Financial Engineering Research Center and Executive Officer of Nomura Securities, he is a professor at the Graduate School of Kyoto University. He also serves as a member of the Management Committee of the Pension Fund Management Independent Administrative Institution (GPIF) and Director of the Money Design Institute.

CSO(Chief Sustainabilities Officer)

Remi Caruso

After studying social engineering at the graduate school of Tokyo Institute of Technology, she engaged in ODA (Official Development Assistance) related activities in Southeast Asia. After returning to Japan, she worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). She is committed to the sustainability of human resources, organizations, institutions, businesses, and society.

Non-Executive Director

Tadasu Nakamura

After working at Nomura Securities, he served as the representative director of an IT-focused CVC and as the executive officer of a textile trading company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He has been a director of Psychic VR Lab, Inc. since its establishment, and is mainly involved in financial and sales support for startup companies.

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Toward a world appreciating all sustainabilities